The Sky Is Falling (The Chicken Little Story)
Jack Neary

Everything is hunky dory in the barnyard.

Or is it?

According to newscaster Bulletin Dog (“Bull” Dog for short), something catastrophic has sent the barnyard into panic mode. It seems Chicken Little, a quiet, unassuming fowl afraid of her own shadow, has been plunked by an unidentified object from the clouds, and has taken it upon herself to proclaim to the world that “The Sky Is Falling!” As the frightening scenario unfolds, a press agent pig named “Swifty” takes it upon himself to turn Chicken Little’s plight into a national story, and to turn Chicken Little herself into a world famous celebrity. Presented in the laugh-a-minute style of THE REAL LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD and THE BIG SNORE, THE SKY IS FALLING is a fast-moving, exciting and hysterical show designed for the whole family. 

Sky Is Falling