First Night
Jack Neary

New Year’s Eve, 1985. Danny Fleming, mid-thirties, is about to close up his video store for the evening when into the store pops a woman he believes he remembers from grammar school. What he remembers most is that this woman went away to be a nun. Why is she there? Why does he care? As the story unfolds, we find out the answers to these and many other questions. The photo above is from the 1986 production of the play, featuring Phil Kilbourne and BeeBee Horowitz, directed by Joan Courtney.

"A lovely riff of magic...touch it for yourself." Kevin Kelly, the Boston Globe

"Neary is a pro at rib-tickling; snappy one-liners pop from his pen like firecrackers...FIRST NIGHT demonstrates that Neary loves and understands the wayward workings or ordinary people’s minds and hearts. His humor caresses his subjects, never wags a finger at them." Arthur Friedman, The Boston Herald

"What a delight!...Just as Fred Astaire was able to dance with a hatrack and make it look good, so playwright Jack Neary is able to sidestep the clichés and find the humor and the heart in this touching little encounter." The Los Angeles Times

 "FIRST NIGHT has considerable charm, zest, imagination and expertise." Variety