Kong's Night Out
Jack Neary

So this is the one about what I think might have happened in the room NEXT TO the room where the Big Monkey whisked Ann Darrow (Fay Wray) out of the bed on that fateful night in 1933. It's been produced at the Lyric Stage Company of Boston, at New Century Theatre in Northampton, Massachusetts, and at the Meadow Brook Theatre in Michigan, featuring Cindy Williams and Eddie Mekka, both of TV's LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY. Folks who read it like to refer to it as a farce. I like to refer to it as a comedy, based in spirit on plays like YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU and THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER. It's loaded with 30's silliness and slapstick, and, I like to think, reverence for its basic topic--the Big Monkey. 

“Kong’s Night Out will give you two hours of hearty laughter, a visit from an enormous gorilla, and a big smile on your face as you leave the theatre!  Laughter abounds in this screwball comedy!” - Boston Metro

Kong’s Night Out offers gigantic laughs!  A succulent theatrical treat!  Don’t miss this one!” - Patriot Ledgers

“Kong-sized fun and hilarity!” - Bay Windows, Boston

“Monkey business rules in Kong’s Night Out, a rowdy new farce by Jack Neary...a funny play with a future in the regional, or even off-Broadway market!” - Lowell Sun 

“Kong’s Night Out is a reason to cheer!  From the opening lines of a faux Walter Winchell doing a rapid fire entertainment report to the soaring art deco set, we know we’re firmly in ‘30s screwball comedy territory, with all the machine gun line delivery, borderline corny jokes and slamming doors that entails.  The zippy play provides enough chuckles and outright guffaws to warrant other groups across the country to license this screwball comedy and perform it!” - Edgeboston.com

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