Night of the Bully
Jack Neary

This one is relatively large and decidedly fast-moving.  It's the gentle story of a terminally obnoxious television talk show host (of the Jerry Springer ilk) named Forrest James who, when challenged on the air by a feminist to prove that he, one of the most despised humans in America, actually has a family who loves him, sets out to prove just that.  Even though he has no family at all.  His dastardly plan: to return to his hometown, seek out the kid he bullied throughout high school, and "borrow" his family for television purposes.  It's a steamroller of a comedy, which was the biggest-selling show in the first five years of New Century Theatre.  I think it gets the job done as far as laughs go.  For theatres looking for a big cast show with lots of distinctly wild characters--say no more.

The New Century Theatre production

"An evening of hearty, healthy laughter.  NIGHT OF THE BULLY is a frenetic comedy filled to exploding with honest good humor.  It is funny, clever and appealing.  The pace is frantic, the scenes short and rapid.  This original work is obviously a sincere labor of love and the result is a thoroughly pleasurable evening.  There ought to be more like it."  Theresa Giera, the Chicopee Herald

"Bully for comedy at New Century!" Marjorie Spillman, Daily Hampshire Gazette

"BULLY is all laughs and fun!  It's fast-paced and strives for nothing but entertainment."  David Allen, Holyoke Sun

"Jack Neary's NIGHT OF THE BULLY is hilarious, the script simultaneously entertains and tickles the funny bone." Claudia Combs, the Lowell Sun