Jack Neary

This play was presented in the heat of the 2016 Presidential Primary at the Boston Theater Marathon, and subsequently at New Century Theatre's "Life in the 4-1-3" fund-raiser.

Two middle- schoolers, a boy and a girl, have been summoned to the principal's office for separate infractions during the school day. The girl has been cited for speaking out against the political philosophy of her spelling teacher, while the boy has been thrown out of class for melting Milk Duds on a radiator. Somehow, some way, the discussion evolves into a dialogue between a raging conservative and an oblivious liberal, with the young girl hoping the meeting with the principal won't take long because she is off that evening to hear a speech by "The Man Who Is Going To Make America Great Again." The boy, meanwhile, is pretty much focused on Milk Duds. This little play generated a lot of laughs from both audiences, and will soon be published. A fun exercise for two young and talented actors.




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