The Big Snore (The Sleeping Beauty Story)
Adapted by Jack Neary

Another wacky adaptation designed to entertain the kids and the parents, relatives and adult friends who bring the kids to the show. Believe it or not, this story of Sleeping Beauty is entitled THE BIG SNORE, and is presented as a sort of Fox News event, with looney anchorman Rick Flick reporting on the mysterious coma that has overcome all the residents of the King's Court. It turns out, of course, that the coma is the work of the evil pixie Patrick of Paxton--or, as Patrick insists, the evil fairy Patrick of Paxton, because pixies, he contends, are way down on the supernatural food chain and he is certainly not one of those. Patrick perpetrated the curse because lovely Princess Briar Rose failed to invite him to the gala ball. Once the curse is set loose, the entire communications network of the Kingdom is unleashed, and the race is on to find the one true Prince who can awaken the Sleeping Princess--and her entire court--with a magical kiss. Of course, Patrick will have none of it--unless he himself can be the Kissing Prince and marry the lovely Briar Rose, something that just...cannot...happen.

Lots of laughs and lots of action but, in the end, the sweet, romantic story is told with charm, humor and care. 



Tiffany Stephanie
Rick Flick
The King
The Queen
Princess Briar Rose
Patrick of Paxton
Little Girl
Commercial Man
Prince Tentative
Commercial Girl
Guy in Sweat Suit



The setting is a fairy tale Kingdom able to accommodate TV news crews and roaming reporters.

"Jack Neary has the enviable ability to put brightly fresh colors on classical material, for both adults and children - and in this case, his bringing the Sleeping Beauty story into the world of television newscasting will appeal to Both audiences. The kids will love the new comic (but still romantic) twist on a familiar tale, and their parents will be delighted at the clever wordplay and the sending up of pompous TV anchors. "The Big Snore," far from echoing its comically soporific title, is beautifully fast-paced, with scene scrambling after scene, and exits tumbling after entrances, as the egoistic celebrity news host tries to keep his viewers up to date on the state of the sleeping princess and the long line of failed-puckering princes who vie to awaken her and save the kingdom. Neary also keeps the budget in mind, calling for simple set pieces amid the rapidly-flowing dialogue. Read it and Laugh. Produce it and you'll have a hilarious hit!" JIM CAVANAUGH

"This is a fabulous play for young and ... older. Truly, parents will love bringing their children to this play because it is tremendously fun - and employs wit on many levels. The kids will be thrilled with the characters and silly, silly humor and - as a bonus - they will be riveted to the great story. I have produced and directed Jack's scripts in professional and amateur companies for both adults and children and I can say with certainty, THE BIG SNORE is a BIG winner. Read it and produce it - you won't go wrong." MICHAEL WALKER

"Jack Neary is a writer who knows funny. All of his plays speak to the heart while tickling your funny bone and THE BIG SNORE is yet another shining example of his talent. He's a writer who loves actors and makes their job easier by gifting them with laugh lines that jump off of the page. Whether it's one of his brilliant original plays or an adaptation of a classic fairy tale, Jack Neary will always deliver and leave the reader and the audience laughing and wishing for more." SANDRA BLANEY

"This is a delightfully funny play for anyone who enjoys snappy one-liners, zany characters, and out-and-out silliness. Jack Neary brilliantly enriches an old beloved fairy tale with contemporary panache. This is laugh out loud hysterical. Great for audiences of all ages." ELLEN COLTON

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