The Porch
Jack Neary

The play opens with three ladies of a certain age discussing things that ladies of a certain age discussed in 2002--like the Clinton-Lewinsky scandal.  And ALL its ramifications. The ladies are funny, insightful, incisive and they abandoned their censorship synapses long ago.  As the Labor Day weekend continues, we get to know them, and their long-suffering husbands as a mystery unfolds involving one of the ladies and a time in her past that touched her and all her friends. The drama in THE PORCH sneaks up on you as you laugh and laugh.  When life attacks suddenly, it's friendship alone that provides the bridge to tomorrow.  This is a play for anyone who has ever had a relative. In the photo: Sheriden Thomas, Ellen Colton and Cheryl McMahon,, from the Stoneham Theatre production.

"Jack Neary's THE PORCH is everything theatre should be. It is endearing, drop-dead funny, heartbreaking and, in the end, triumphant. I left the theater thinking to myself, Gee, I wish I'd written that." Dick Flavin, Emmy-winning author and humorist

“THE PORCH is to eastern Massachusetts what Steel Magnolias is to northwest Louisiana. A deceptively tender play that is also very funny. It's an inviting place to set a while and will leave you feeling right neighborly." Broadway World

 "THE PORCH is a play that will appeal to just about everyone, including people who normally wouldn't go to the theater. You can even safely drag your husband or father to this play, and count on the fact that he'll leave with a smile on his face."Wordpress

"This play touched my soul. As a director, I love laughter, but also the silence of an audience touched so deeply you can hear them breathe. THE PORCH does it all. As a senior, I am right there with the characters going through the same stuff. Your dialogue makes the play shine." CATHY JAMES, Director of THE PORCH, Potomac Players, 2019.




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