The Ugly Duckling
Adapted by Jack Neary

The second play in the "Misdirected Theatre" series, with the same basic set up as ROBIN HOOD, except this time the 'Misdirected Theatre' doesn't get lost, they just show up (unseen) and leave because they found out they were booked elsewhere at the same time.  So, again, Margaret must fend for herself and present the classic Andersen tale utilizing her stalwart company--once again including Warren, the UPS guy.  THE UGLY DUCKLING is a goofier script than ROBIN HOOD, with an excellent role for Jason, who will play the duckling.  As the story enfolds, Mother gives birth to a set of very cute ducklings, and one very large, very awkward...thing...that might be a duck, or a turkey, or...who knows what.  When the weird duckling realizes he is a laughing stock and is making everybody in the barnyard unhappy, he decides the best thing to do is to run away.  When he does, he encounters a number of wild and crazy characters as he tries to find a new home.  Among his new acquaintances are a group of Wild Ducks (one named Ibsen), who ride motorcycles, and the craziest farmer's wife on the planet.  Of course, the last group of friends he meets is a flock of swans, who will show him how important and beautiful he really is.  BIG laughs for the kids and for adults, with a sweet and moving message for the whole family. ILLUSTRATION FROM MAKESHIFT THEATRE.

Cast: MARGARET, the Artistic Director / OZZIE, the Stage Manager / LARRY, the Sound Designer / CYNTHIA, the Costumer /WARREN, the UPS Guy / JASON, the Technical Director

Same cast as ROBIN HOOD, again with six actors playing many roles.


As with ROBIN HOOD, a bare stage.  This time the UPS guy is delivering props and costumes for an upcoming production of DAMN YANKEES, so the telling of DUCKLING with these materials becomes quite...interesting.

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