Jack Neary

In 1967, a 50-ish music teacher named Ray is pursued by his 45-ish office assistant, Arlene, who cannot come to terms with Ray’s refusal to connect romantically with her. His problem: he married a very young woman before going off to war in 1943, and found, when he returned, that she wanted a divorce. He is a devout Catholic, and the church will not allow him to remarry. Both Ray and Arlene wrestle with this dilemma, and with a staunchly old-school priest who will not budge in his adherence to the rules. It’s a play about choices made at a young age that have to be confronted later in life. (Pictured: John Budzyna and Ashley Risteen from the Players' Ring, Actors Studio of Newburyport production. Photo by Tim Gurczak, Costumes by Bonnie Lake)


Gordon Clapp

“The Players’ Ring stunning and intimate production of MOONGLOW puts Jack Neary’s soulful, scathingly funny play in the hands of a talented cast who knows and seamlessly inhabits the world of the play.  The true voice of 1967 Lowell , MA is resonant in every character.” 

R.D. Murphy

“MOONGLOW is a beautifully crafted story that is both surprising and touching. Surprising because it is so specific in time and place yet universal; touching, well, it’s funny and romantic and the audience was cheering at the outcome.  We’re bringing friends who missed it to see MOONGLOW at the Firehouse.”

Andy Dolan

Incredible play, wonderful cast. Greatly enjoyed two weekends in a row by me.

John Moynihan, Firehouse

“Just a quick note of congratulations on Moonglow. I don't know what my expectations were but they were certainly exceeded. Bravo on a brilliant piece of theater. I've never been a huge fan of non-musicals but that could be because I hadn't been lucky enough to see great non-musical theater - this was GREAT non-musical theater. You make a believer out of me yet! Congratulations and I look forward to checking out the next one.”

John Manning

“The production of MOONGLOW at the Players Ring Theater in Portsmouth NH was absolutely brilliant! Jack Neary’s characters are so human, real, and likeable that I found myself loving every minute of time I spent with them and never wanted the play to end. 

Brilliantly funny and deeply moving this is not a production that should be missed.” 

Mike Fay

“Just a great cast and show I enjoyed it thoroughly and especially enjoyed "Dottie's" performance! Congrats to all involved Bravo!!!”

Claire Abrams

“The best! Perfect cast, writing and night!”

Walter Freeman

“Great show. Great cast.”

Ray Costello

“Congrats! Very well done. We were at the performance this afternoon. Great cast, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thank you all!”

Stephen Nelson

“Phenomenal show and cast. Extremely believable from beginning to end. So worth the trip.”

Loren Lee

“Great job Jack and the entire talented cast! Script was excellent as expected and enjoyed the intimate space. Glad to hear it’s coming to NBPT in October!”

Catherine Bernhard

“It was such a wonderful performance of a terrific show. The actors brought the characters to life the instant they walked on the stage. So wonderful - thanks so much!”

Michael Cremin

“Congratulations on your very successful and entertaining play! My wife and I enjoyed your wonderful performances Saturday afternoon.”

Paul Burke

“Well done all! A great performance from start to finish!”

Carol O'Shaughnessy

“I thoroughly enjoyed your brilliant play! Each of the actors were more than exceptional. They drew the audience into your story with depth and understanding of the ‘60’s most of us lived through! AND.... funny!! I haven’t laughed out loud so much in quite a while! 

Congratulations  to your marvelous ensemble and to you. Jack, for such a great play!”

Lisa Rosenthal

“Congrats Jack! Wonderful show with incredible actors!”

Jennifer Wilson

“Congratulations Jack! It was a wonderful show, performed to perfection by so many of my all time favorites. ❤️ Bravo to all!”

Diane Ellis

Jack Neary , thank you so much for Moonglow! I've never experienced sitting so close to the cast and stage. I felt like I was part of the play. You're a wonderful writer. And the cast was awesome!”

Lori Rittman Clark

“It was an awesome play with fantastic actors!! We really enjoyed it!!”

Constance Witman

“Such a lovely show! Well done everyone!”

Anna Smulowitz

“Bravo bravo and again bravo!” 

Ellen DiPasquale

“Each scene took me right in, and brought me back in time! Well written and a wonderful performance by all!! So glad we could make it!!”

Joan Courtney Murray

“We thoroughly enjoyed the show, Jack! It’s just wonderful. So glad we saw it.”

Bonnie Lake

Not kidding: Mark your calendars NOW! This is a high values, professional show, with a story that is simultaneously heartbreaking, funny, thought provoking and full of warmth. You don’t want to miss this one weekend run. Amazing. Best theatre I’ve seen in years.