The Three Little Pigs (Kinda)
Jack Neary

Another crazy adaptation designed to delight kids and adults alike, THE THREE LITTLE PIGS creates a whole new world for these traditional porcine characters. As the Storyteller weaves the tale, her partner in storytelling crime puts a brand new spin on the story, introducing the Three Pigs' relative from across the waves, Cousin Frenchie, who takes the then-operating Concorde from Paris to sweep in and save the day. Before that happens, however, we meet a large cast of looney characters, all of them involved with the plight of the pigs. Gerry, the practical pig, is favored by Merrill, Cheryl and Rocky, all squirrels. Jamie, the pig who likes to PAR-TAY, parties his life away with bird buddies Tweety, Chirpy and Buzz. Middie, the pig who can't ever make up his mind, spends time with the confused cats Maybe, Possibly, and Unsure. Of course, everybody fears Big Bad and his Wolfettes, Phoebe, Monica and Rachel, and Big Bad's second-in-command Scout, who is assisted by the doggies Abbott and Costello. And finally, what would a barnyard be without a good news crew--in this case Scoop the fox and Flash the duck. Laughs upon Laughs as all these nutty creatures do what they can to fend off Big Bad and his house-blowing-down brigade. The show is especially suited for large groups comprised of experienced and inexperienced young actors, some with lots of lines, others with a few. Perfect family entertainment!



Three Little Pigs