The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Jack Neary

The classic story by Washington Irving brought to the stage with a great deal of humor and an equal amount of suspense. It's 1782 and into the little village of Sleepy Hollow, New York comes Schoolmaster Ichabod Crane. Ichabod is a delightful fellow who enthusiastically educates his students while enjoying the hospitality of the various townspeople who graciously invite him home for Sunday dinners. It's a sweet, new life for the pedagogue, as long as he keeps his place and remains "unattached" per the dictum of the town matriarch, the evil Carlotta Van Derp. Ichabod finds this arrangement perfectly reasonable and manageable until he confronts the wiles and charms of Katrina Van Tassel, the most beautiful and most wealthy woman in the village. Once smitten by Katrina, Ichabod ignites jealousy in his rival for her, the bodacious Brom Bones, who cooks up a plan to drive the ridiculously superstitious Schoolmaster out of town. His plan involves a Hessian soldier who somehow managed to lose his head in battle. Ichabod's introduction to that head is the climactic moment in this exciting, and hilariously funny, show. (Pictured here, Lizzie Cormier and John Manning from the Acting Out Production, October, 2017)