Early in the play, Scheherezade is challenged by the King to mesmerize him with a story, or else she will be banished.Here, she sets her plan into action.

SCHEHEREZADE: And I will need the help of everyone in the court to act out the story as I tell it!

KING: Everyone?

SCHEHERZADE: Not you, Your Majesty, you just sit back and relax and let Sceherezade take care of everything!

KING: Yes.Well.Go on.Tell the story of Aladdin.

SCHEHEREZADE: Once upon a time...


SCHEHEREZADE: No, no, Your Majesty.All good stories have to begin with “Once upon a time...”

KING: (pause) I knew that. (sits)

SCHEHEREZADE: So...Once upon a time, in the ancient land of China, there was a boy of seventeen named Aladdin...Now, who among you can play the part of Aladdin?

THE ACCOUNTANT: (a runty juvenile) Is Aladdin intelligent?

SCHEHEREZADE: Not really, no.

THE CHANCELLOR (a pompous blowhard) Is Aladdin brave and fearless?

SCHEHEREZADE: Not especially.

MUSICIAN: Is Aladdin cute?

SCHEHEREZADE: Oh, yes.Aladdin is definitely cute.

MUSICIAN: I can do cute.

SCHEHEREZADE: Then you will be Aladdin!

The Musician, hereafter referred to as “Aladdin,” steps proudly to the forefront, congratulated by the rest of the group.